Fiber SheepIn 2015, we decided to sell out of our Babydoll Southdown breeding flock and focus on a handspinnners flock of merino and merino crosses.  We purchased a registered merino ram and merino cross ewes.  We will now be able to offer for sale white and natural colored fleeces, roving, and yarns.

Twisty Tree Ranch is located in the beautiful South Central Missouri. Our sheep graze our 100 acres of pasture and woods. Our flock is bred with wool quality in mind. We raise both white and natural colored sheep of mostly Border or Blue Faced Leicester, Romney or CVM ewes crossed with our pure bred merino ram. These crosses produced fleece with nice crimp and great luster.

Wool Fleece and Roving

Our sheep are jacketed year round to provide the cleanest fiber and heavily skirted to assure you receive only the premium fiber from each fleece.  We may offer lightly skirted fleece upon request.  All fleece will have the tags, belly and britch wool removed. 

We will offer both natural and hand-dyed roving and combed top.

Felting Fibers and Supplies

We are offering mixed bag kits of super fine wools for felting.  Merino wool is the easiest fiber to felt and yeilds outstanding results.

2016 Spring Lambs

Babydoll Southdown Ewes with LambsWe are already preparing for the arrival of our 2016 Spring merino cross lambs. Our merino ram will be put in with his ewes in November and lambs should begin arriving in April , this year's crop of lambs is expected to lead to one of our busiest years yet.  We anticipate offering a few of these lambs for sale so check back with us in April or May of 2016.